MEAN JEANS - neuer Song online


Die Poppunk-Portlander MEAN JEANS stellen mit "Michael Jackson Was Tight" einen ersten Song ihres kommenden Albums "Tight New Dimension" im Stream vor. Die Platte ist das Fat Wreck Debut des Trios und erscheint am 22. April.

Tracklisting "Tight New Dimension":

1:  Long Dumb Road    
2:  Nite Vision    
3:  Croozin’    
4:  Michael Jackson Was Tight    
5:  2 Far Out 4 Me    
6:  Trash Can    
7:  Last Nite on Earth    
8:  4 Coors Meal    
9:  Allergic To Success    
10:  I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care    
11:  Ripped Shattered and Alone    
12:  Are There Beers in Heaven?