MEGADETH - Gigantour


MEGADETH Frontmann Dave Mustiaine hat sich kürzlich über das Konzept der Gigantour sowie den Grund, wieso sie ins Leben gerufen wurde unterhalten.

Bei der 2006-er Ausgabe der Gigantour, die am 7. September in San Diego startet, werden nicht nur Megadeth sondern auch Lamb Of God, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Into Eternity, Sanctity, The Smashup und einige andere Bands zu sehen sein.

Mustaine über das Gigantour Festival Konzept:

„Part of the reason why I wanted to do Gigantour was that I've been on a lot of festivals around the world, in Japan, Europe and most places people don't ever get to see let alone perform, and I noticed that one of the things in America is that festivals are really highly priced. On top of that a lot of the festivals here that are successful have the same types of bands on them. I wanted to do a festival that consisted of a lot of exciting bands that had really good players but weren't necessarily all the same genre of music. You've got some speed metal, you've got some thrash metal, you've got some prog metal, you've got hard rock/heavy metal, so on and so forth. There's some nu-metal, there's some industrial metal, I guess you would call it."

Mustaine über das Ziel der Gigantour:

„What I wanted to do was dig into all these different areas, grab some great bands, and make it affordable for people so that they could come out and see the concert and walk away satisfied, not feeling like if you've gone to some concert, spent two or three hundred dollars for one nights performance if you take a guest or a date or something and get some souvenirs. Walk away satiated. For me, I feel music should be something that you should get a climax out of, not walk away feeling like you were the one that was used."

Im letzten Jahr waren Anthrax, Dream Theater und Fear Factory auf der Tour dabei.