MELECHESH mit Albumdetails


MELECHESH werden ihr 5. Album, das aus 11.Tracks bestehen wird, ”The Epigenesis” nennen. Das Album wird von Mainman Ashmedi kommentiert:

“As I have mentioned earlier we wanted to defy the norm and record eastwards rather than remain in Europe. This was mainly due to the inspiring surrounding we found in Istanbul as well as the high quality of the studio and gracious staff. Since this City is a mesh of east and west and had a very long tradition of rock music. Two months of grueling work and very long hours. We took a risk and it paid off, the outcome is phenomenal! The production is very dynamic and big!

The album is definitely MELECHESH and as always unlike its predecessors and we as a band are exactly where we want to be at this point in time. There are several moods on the album, from very aggressive raw songs with minimal riffs to ritualistic near eastern metal opuses, one of which is a 12 minute song that combines Mid-Eastern music, psychedelic rock and metal. On one third of the album we have used 12 string electric guitars for the main rhythm riffing. We have included two instrumental compositions with completely different moods as well.

Lyrically, the album deals with several themes within the spheres of MELECHESH such as Sumerian/Mesopotamian/Anunnakian themes, as well as other Occult near-eastern and cosmological philosophies and ideas. Nevertheless, the lyrics do have dual meanings that are to some extent subliminal and can relate to one’s own life journey, but that’s for the individual to figure out.

As for traditional instruments, we subtly included several instruments such as Baglama Saz, Tanbour, Persian Santur, Ney, Indian Sitar, Azeri Tar, Bindir ….I say subtly because we definitely wanted the album to be metal…. Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal.

Some say , Some do…THIS IS SONIC MAGICK!”