MILLENCOLIN - "The Melancholy Connection" kommt im Mai


MILLENCOLIN veröffentlichen zum 20-jährigen Jubiläum der Band den zweiten Teil ihrer B-Seiten-Collection namens "The Melancholy Connection" am 25. Mai.

Neben 2 neuen Tracks wird es eine 90-Minuten DVD und 12 rare B-Seiten aus der Zeit von "Pennybridge Pioneers" bis heute geben.

Gitarrist Erik dazu:

“We've released a lot of songs since Pennybridge Pioneers that were not released on our previous albums, so we thought it was about time to put them all on one. We recorded a bunch of new songs in our own studio where we also recorded our previous album Machine 15 from 2008, and picked two of them for this release. We’re really excited about the new stuff we recorded! We're taking it back to our roots and mixing it with the new sound we've developed over the last years.”

Einen Trailer zum Release gibt es anbei zu sehen.