MISERY SPEAKS und Aleran Records gehen getrennte Wege


MISERY SPEAKS und Alveran Records werden ab sofort getrennte Wege gehen. Nach dem Split von Settle The Score sind MISERY SPEAKS bereits die zweite Band in nicht mal einer Woche die das Bochumer Label verlässt. Hier das Statement der Band:

"German Death Metal commando MISERY SPEAKS and label ALVERAN RECORDS
have decided to go seperate ways from now on. Both parties agreed to rescind the contract on an amicable level. The band comments as follows:"We thank alveran records for giving us the opportunity to release our debut album and thus provide us with an important initial aid. We wish alveran records all the best for the future. Now its time to explore unknown shores. Our new album "Catalogue of Carnage" will be released in early 2008 and we will announce during the course of next week on which label this is going to happen. Keep it brutal!!!!!!!"