MONEEN trennen sich von Drummer, Album Update


MONEEN haben sich von ihrem langjährigen Drummer Peter Krpan getrennt. Steve Nunnaro von ONE MORE DREAM wird sein Nachfolger sein. Hier das Statement der Band:

"After 8 and a half years of sharing stages, bunk beds, and toothbrushes, Moneen’s Kenny Bridges, Chris Hughes, and Erik Hughes are parting ways with their drummer Peter Krpan.
We have spent some of the best years of our lives together, and the time has come for us to follow different paths. However, music does not stop here for any of us!

Peter has a solo project named One Grand Canyon, and will be playing drums with From The Bridge.

As for Moneen, we are 9 songs into writing our next record and have never been so excited. Our new drummer is Mr. Steve Nunnaro. He has been a really great friend of ours since we formed Moneen and has played in many great bands around the Toronto area. Anyone from Brampton will know him as the drummer from One More Dream and Thunderhawk. As gloomy as it is to say goodbye to one great friend, it is nice to be re-united musically with another.

You will be hearing much more from all of us very soon!


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von ballou 17.03.2008 16:16

Da kann man nur Glück mit dem neuen Drummer wünschen. Auf jeden Fall eine der besten modernen Emorockbands.