MORNING GLORY - neuestes Fat Wreck Signing


Die Band um Ezra Kire (LEFTOVER CRÄCK, CHOKING VICTIM) wird im Sommer das DEbüt "Poets Were My Heroes" auf dem Label veröffentlichen.

Einen Preview zum erwarteten Produkt gibt es bereits von Ezra himself anbei:

"The music on this record may fall to the rock side of the spectrum, [but] the lyrical content is "punk" by any standard. It covers borders, thanatopsis, addiction, existing against the grain, orphanage, hope, change, anger, etc. Some of it is uplifting. Some of it is sad. Some of it is political. All of it is personal. There is no ska. I don't even like ska and it's a genre I can definitively say I want to no longer be associated with. I definitely wanted to move away from that. I'm tired of being pigeon-holed into a type of music that I never listen to. And while I still enjoy playing ska music live, it's not me in the writing anymore."