Sänger Justin gibt weitere Details zum im Juni erscheinenden Album "Go!" der Band bekannt:

" We were no longer on Columbia Records, we had no label, we just wanted to make a record and take our time doing it. We did it in our hometown -- Josh and myself live in Minneapolis. We had a producer and friend, Ed Ackerson, who runs Flowers Studio, and we had done a couple of acoustic/alternative EPs with him where we would show up with a handful of instruments and had no idea what we were going to do. And then within five days, we had five songs.

We wanted to take that experience and do that with a full-length record. Without going into gory details, we spent a sixth of the budget that we had on the last record and like twice the time in this studio in Minneapolis, and we just had a blast with no sort of people to answer to or anything. We just wrote songs. We did it all on our own dime. It's kind of thrilling and scary to know that you're responsible for everything, financially as well as artistically."