MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK - neuer Song online


Mit "Go" erscheint am 8. Juni auf Epitaph das neue Album des Poppunker - schon jetzt kann "True Romance" HIER angehört werden.

Sänger Justin Pierce zum fünften Album der Band:

“We are all extremely excited to be back on Epitaph records. Brett and company have truly been a second family to us over the years, both personally and career-wise. We are beyond ecstatic about our new album and the fact that its new home is going to be Epitaph Records.”

Trackliste "Go":

01. Circuits and Wire
02. True Romance
03. Son of a Gun
04. Timelines
05. Everyone Will Die
06. The Coma Kid
07. Boxelder
08. The Worst Is Yet to Come
09. Bad Idea
10. Happy Anniversary
11. Floating Down the River


22. April: Hamburg, Knust
24. April: Düsseldorf, Stone