MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK haben ein Video zum Song "This Is For Real" gedreht sowie ein kleines Interview mit Blender geführt. Lest selbst:

"Hi all, we're in sunny Los Angeles shooting the final takes for our new video for "This Is For Real". You'll see this puppy in a few weeks, but we wanted to give you the head's up that this thing is going to be "RIDICULOUS", to put it in the words of Mr. Josh Cain.

Lots of other stuff happening in MCS world. We're less then one month away from the release of our new album ("Even If It Kills Me" in stores September 18), and of course, our big U.S. Headlining Tour this Fall with MAE, ANBERLIN, and METRO STATION is going to be great.


Some cool stuff happening on the press front as well... Remember a couple of weeks ago when we played Lollapalooza? Well, we had the privilege of doing some fun stuff with Blender magazine, including this interview from backstage at Lolla. There is some live footage mixed in as well, so check it out to find out the latest on what's happening in our world."