MOUTHPIECE - Komplette Diskografie


Die New Jersey 90's Hardcore Band MOUTHPIECE bringt am 20. Januar 2009 ihre komplette Diskografie unter dem Titel "Can't kill what's inside" über Revelation Records heraus. Als CD und Vinyl wird es das Beste-Off geben und wer einen kleinen Apetizer braucht kann sich auf der Band Myspace Seite schon mal drei Songs anhören.

Das Statement von Tim McMahon gibt es hier:
"Wow, it's been years since we've last updated this page. Finally something new to report. Anyone who has followed the progress of this discography already knows that this project has taken forever to come together. Many of the hold ups were out of our hands, but many of them were completely in our hands. Truth of the matter is, Jason and I have been doing a new band called Triple Threat and that band has taken priority over this project. Right while we started to catch some momentum with the discography, the Triple Threat LP came together and we devoted all of our time and energy into that. Of course there have been many other outside distractions, but needless to say, all parties have buckled down and have finally gotten to work.

At this point, all of the original recordings have been preserved, digitized, re-mixed, mastered and tracked properly. We've also completed the layouts for the CD version and are in the middle of completing the layouts to the LP vinyl version. As soon as that's all finished and submitted to Revelation, we'll be on to designing new t shirts, posters, stickers and all that jazz.

At this point we're looking at an October / November 2008 release date. Just because I've been asked... no word yet on any record release shows. I will say, as long as these other 4 guys are still straight edge, anything is possible. -Tim