MUDVAYNE - Hier ist die Tracklist



MUDVAYNE werden ihr neues Album "The New Game" im November veröffentlichen. Hier die Tracklist:

01. Fish Out Of Water
02. Have It Your Way
03. A New Game
04. Dull Boy
05. Do What You Do
06. The Hate In Me
07. Scarlet Letters
08. Same Ol?
09. Never Enough
10. A Cinderella Story
11. We The People

Dazu noch ein Statement des Frontmanns: "It's heavy and has great hooks, but it also has some moments that are a little more rock 'n' roll that are really cool. It's not anything drastic, but every now and then you'll catch a little hint of old-school rock. Also, the tones are a little more earthy sounding and a little warmer than [2005's] 'Lost and Found'."