MUMAKIL - Im Studio und bei Realpse


Die Schweizer MUMAKIL sind bei Relapse Records untergekommen und befinden sich im Studio, um das Labeldebüt einzutrümmern. Hier die Pressemitteilung:

"The follow-up to Mumakil's debut full-length Customized Warfare, is being recorded in the band's hometown of Geneva. Mumakil drummer Sebastien Schacher recently checked-in from the studio with an update: "We have finished with the drum, bass, and guitar tracks and will begin with vocals next. This new album will be even more brutal, faster, and 'punkier' than our first CD Customized Warfare. There will be less 'groovy-brutal-death' parts but more dark and crusty riffs supported by fast blast-beat attacks. We rather chose to propose the punk and brutal side of our music. The album we be titled 'Behold the Failure' and it will be a kind of an anthem to our great world in perdition."

Mumakil has written roughly 26 new tracks for Behold The Failure. Advance song titles include "Doomed", "Brothers In Slavery", "Black Sheep", "Wish You The Worst", "Mass Murder Institution", and "Pigs On Fire." Behold The Failure will see a Spring 2009 release date."