MUSHROOMHEAD Drummer: SLIPKNOT sind die “NSYNC Of Heavy Metal”


MUSHROOMHEAD Drummer Steve "Skinny" Felton hat sich kürzlich in einem Interview zur Rivalität seiner Band zu SLIPKNOT geäußert:

"They're the 'NSYNC of heavy metal," so Felton. "They're a fabricated, label-made bullsh-- band. They're way more corporate than anyone knows."

"They've done lots of sh-- talking in magazines, and I am still waiting for them to come beat my ass like they say they're gonna," […] "They think they own the 'mask rock' title, but MR. BUNGLE was doing it back in the day. So was KISS, THE RESIDENTS, KING DIAMOND. There are so many bands that don't get brought up — it's always SLIPKNOT. And it's like, 'Wait a minute, are those guys the originators of this? No way.' Let's talk about some good bands that wore costumes and masks — like ALICE COOPER. Hell, I've seen pictures of JETHRO TULL wearing jumpsuits with little insignias. There are just so many talented bands who've done it before us and before [SLIPKNOT].

We've been doing it longer than them, and we've been around way longer. It's just the rest of the world doesn't really know that. They broke into the spotlight before we did. That's just the luck of the draw, I guess. [But] musically, we're nothing like them. If we didn't wear the masks, there'd be no comparison ever."

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