MXPX - Album Details


MxPx haben sowohl die Tracklist als auch das Artwork für ihre anstehende Rarities Compilation veröffentlicht. Folgendes hat die Band zum Album zu sagen:

"This release is full of previously unreleased songs, re-recorded b-sides and acoustic demo's! You'll be able to hear a songs evolution from demo to finished product when you listen to the fan favorite "Family Affair" which began it's musical life as "Sweet Sweet Thing." Or another favorite that has been re recorded is the upbeat "You Walk I Run" that was featured on the Japan and Australian "Responsibility" single release!"

1. You Walk, I Run
2. Every Light
3. 1 and 3
4. Don't Forget Me (When You're Gone)
5. Breathe Deep
6. Make Up Your Mind
7. Running Out Of Time
8. Slow Ride
9. Where Did You Go?
10. Sweet Sweet Thing (Acoustic)
11. Last Train (Acoustic)
12. You Walk, I Run (Acoustic)