MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE reden über neues Album


MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE haben sich gegenüber MTV folgendermaßen über ihr nächstes Album geäußert:

"You know, we've made concepts for three albums now, so I think this one — at least from my standpoint — I want to go into it not thinking about a definite story. I said that during Parade, but I still think I had something to work out," he said. "I think I had to get it out of my system, as far as writing concept records. I had to at least do one more before I stopped doing them. Obviously, they'll always be cohesive though. The songs need to fit together, that's what makes a great album.

And that's not to say it'll all be distorted, who knows. I think you record it live viscerally, and the minute you put in the distortion, yeah, it's going to sound 'punk,' You take it off and I don't know what it sounds like then."