Maroon - Statement zu jüngsten Diskussion


Nach dem diverse Communities im Internet in den letzten Tagen heiß diskutierten, ob MAROON-Sänger Andrre Moraweck ein Nazi ist (da er auf einem Foto ein T-Shirt der NSBM-Band Ornaments of Sin trägt), hat die Band nun folgendes Statement zu den Vorkommnissen gepostet:

"Now is the time to say something about the actual discussions and rumours on different internet forums concerning me wearing a shirt of the band “Ornaments Of Sin”:

First and for all time: I AM NOT AN NEO- NAZI!

Everything else would be a shame for me and the things i’ve done in the past 20 years. The “Ornaments Of Sin” Shirt was a gift from a fan I received on our tour with Obituary a few days before the interview in Spain where the photos were taken. I receive a lot of gifts at our shows, people talk to me and say thank you. In this moment you don’t really realise what kind of gift it is. At this time I didn’t know what this Band is and what development they had. I ‘ve known them as a Black Metal Band without an political background.

Until the discussions started i wasn’t aware of the political Background which I would not have tolerated. I never would have worn the shirt, I wouldn’t have even accepted it or would have thrown it away! Those who know me, know that I always stood up against fascism (incl. NSBM) and I always will! But I also will not take part on the actual Witch-hunt of the whole black metal scene!

Please accept my apology, that i wore a shirt by a band without informing myself about this band’s political background.

Andre Moraweck"