MxPx jetzt doch wieder bei Tooth and Nail, arbeiten an neuem Album


MXPX haben mit den Aufnahmen zu ihrem neuen Album begonnen, welches via Tooth & Nail erscheinen wird. Nachdem die erste Gerüchte über das Signing im November aufkamen, dementierte die Band umgehend die Rückkehr..

Zur Beziehung mit Sideonedummy fügt die Band folgendes an:

“There was nothing we didn't like about our last label, we just felt like we have to try new things and always keep things fresh. Tooth & Nail has grown tremendously as a label since we parted ways. In talking to the people there, there is a real enthusiasm for our band. It's awesome. “

Das neue Album wird mit Aaron Sprinkle produziert, der sich schon für das erste Album der Band verantwortlich zeigte. Herrera hierzu:

“It's going to be a good mix of stuff. It's going to be mixed with super pop and super fast, melodic punk rock. A lot of aggression, energy and hooks. I think we're over trying to experiment too much with too many different styles, Everything is very honest and straight-forward. Our last album was the reintroduction to MxPx but I still felt like it wasn't as much MxPx as this record is going to be. We were just on our way and now we've arrived. This definitely won't be our last record, but, we want to approach every record like it could be. “