NERVECELL - im Roster von Lifeforce Records


NERVECELL, Death Metal aus Dubai, hat einen Vertrag bei Lifeforce Recvords unterschrieben. Das Label wird am 26. Oktober das "Preaching Venom" Album außerhalb des mittleren Ostens veröffentlichen.

Gitarrist Barney Ribeiro sagt zum Signing: "After months of discussions, negotiations and debates on seeking a secure label for our latest album “Preaching Venom”, and the future of Nervecell during these difficult times in the record industry, the long awaited chase has indeed come to an end. We are extremely proud to announce that Nervecell has now officially signed to Lifeforce Records and to say that we are thrilled about it is the understatement of the year!!! We honestly feel that this new relationship with Lifeforce is a great accomplishment and one that many once thought was impossible for a metal band based in the Middle East; but as the NERVECELL legacy will tell, we are no strangers to breaking boundaries and crushing the limitations that we have constantly faced during the last 9 years in our career as a Dubai based death metal band. Having said that, to be the first band originating from Dubai to ever be on a label is a pretty cool bonus and yet another record broken!

To have Lifeforce Records backing us today and strongly believing in our music, we feel honored and rest assured we look forward to cooperating with them as we know this will only lead to bigger and better opportunities for the band.

Together with a strong team at Lifeforce Records we are confident that the future is bright… and well, we really couldn’t be happier!"