NEURAXIS trennen sich von Gitarristen


Montreal's NEURAXIS haben den Abgang von Gründungsmitglied Steven Henry bekanntgegeben.

Man spricht von "personal and musical differences", die Trennung sei jedoch freundschaftlich. Die Band wird zu viert weitermachen und einen Live-Sessions Gitarristen für anstehende Touren rekrutieren.

Henry gab folgendes Statement ab:
"After 13 years as guitarist and founder of Neuraxis, I decided to take a different path. It's simple, the flame of playing Neuraxis is extinct, and gone are the motivation and taste for it. These things happen, especially when I did not expec the band to go as far as it has gone up to now, so it would be ridiculous for me to slow Neuraxis down. I don't want to be a burden, what I want is the band to grow bigger and I don't think I'm part of that equation. I definitely need a break and Neuraxis cannot afford to lose its time waiting for me. There are way too many good things ahead for the band, and I do not worry at all that Neuraxis will do great without me. I wish nothing but the best for the guys, and also that they'll find another talented and dedicated guitar player. I want to thank the guys for their time, friendship and passion for music. I wish them the best! As for me, I'll keep going with my 3 projects: Urban Aliens, Idiopathetics and Empathy Denied."