NEW FOUND GLORY - Video zu neuer Single "Happy Being Miserable"



NEW FOUND GLORY stellen mit “Happy Being Miserable” einen ersten neuen Song ihres Albums "Makes Me Sick" vor, das am 28. April via Hopeless Reocrds erscheint. Die Platte wurde produziert von Aaron Sprinkle (MxPx, Anberlin, Acceptance) und gemischt von Tom Lord-Alge (U2, The Rolling Stones, Blink 182).

Der Clip wurde gedreht von Max Moore und entstand in Nashville, TN - angelehnt an die beruehmte Wettessen-Szene aus dem Film “Stand By Me.”

Gitarrist Chad Gilbert:

“NFG has always done a lot of pop culture movie references throughout our career, from cover songs to t-shirt spoofs. So with our album being called ‘Makes Me Sick,’ it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take that iconic scene and give it our own spin. Or maybe we just wanted to show that all bad situations can have a redemptive outcome if you let it. Are you just gonna let life puke all over you? Or are you gonna look beyond yourself, pull people together, and celebrate being alive.”