Die Holländer NEW MORALITY haben folgende News parat:

"In six weeks we'll hit the road for a European tour with our brothers in No Turning Back, period is April 17th till May 3rd. We will announce the full dates and info asap, so keep your eyes open for it.

After that we'll hit the studio to record for a split 7" with UK's hardest; Deal With It. This split 7" with will feature two new songs from each band and will be released by Demons Run Amok Records from Germany. The release date is set for August 5 and we'll do a UK ánd NL release weekend on the first two shows of Deal With It's European summer tour coming August.

Late June we'll be doing another 19 day European tour with The Mongoloids from New Jersey. We strongly suggest that everbody checks out their recently released new EP and comes out to mosh to it, cause it's one of the best bands out there at the moment. Again, full dates and info will be announced shortly.