NMDS - Drummer stellt kunstbeladene Website online


NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD stellt folgende message online:
"Our drummer and resident design guru has just launched a website showcasing some of his work. It's chock full of his designs for NMDS, Strike Anywhere, Dead to Me, Anti Flag, Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects and so on and so forth. His stuff is seriously SICK! You can check out his news, bio, album art, illustrations, paintings and even contact him to tell him how much you love his shit. OH! And you can go to the STORE page and buy a fucking shirt and help a hungry mexican get some grub. Dude is gonna be famous and shit. You'll all be saying his name (Richard Minino) 3 years from now and can be like "Oh yeah I got his first shirt when his site first launched. That shit is WAY out of print." And then you can wear it til the threads fall out or sell it on ebay to some geek. So fuck yeah."

Zur Website gehts hier.