NUFAN Update


NUFAN Boss Tony Sly hat folgendes Update gepostet:

"We are playing some west coast shows in July, so check our tour dates. The bands that are playing with us are really great. Whole Wheat Bread is an awesome band!! You might have heard them already but in case you didn't I will leave a link at the bottom of this. We also have a new Fat band with us called the Flatliners who are great.

Anyway, our All The Best Songs record also comes out in July. I can't wait to see the booklet, it should be pretty cool. Putting this thing together was like making a mix tape of my own band so it was kind of fun to do. I noticed that Bad Religion has a record coming on July 10th too, just like our best of. So you might see me at the record store buying that. Oh yeah, we are pretty clear to go to South America now. It is going to be so rad. I cannot wait. It really feels like I am going on a vacation with this tour. August, yeah. I suppose some time after that we will rehearse more and then record a new record.

Yeah!! The DVD? I'm not talking about the DVD until the DVD starts talking to me..."