Noch mehr Schuhe: Ramones Chucks


Converse & Gap werden in Kürze einen von den Ramones inspirierten Chuck Taylor All Star Sneaker auf den Markt bringen. Die Einnahmen werden für den Kampf gegen AIDS in Afrika genutzt.

Hier das Statement dazu:
"Worn by members of the pioneering punk band Ramones, the Chuck Taylor All Star shoe was witness to the birth of punk and synonymous with the genre, inspiring generations of punk bands and fans. The Ramones for Converse (PRODUCT) RED Chuck Taylor All Star shoe is a collaboration with the Estate(s) of the legendary band and its sole surviving original member Tommy Ramone and the other living members Marky, Richie, and C-Jay Ramone. Designed to symbolize the way the band wore their Chuck Taylor shoes, they feature distressed canvas and rubber creating the iconic worn-in look that’s a Ramones signature. The shoe’s upper is in familiar canvas material, yet with intentional imperfections and wear-marks to give it a distinct character. Grey with a traditional white sole, the shoe features the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star patch on the shoe’s inside upper and an additional Ramones patch that reads “Hey ho, let’s go” on its outer, referencing the classic Ramones song “Blitzkrieg Bop.”

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von nima 21.05.2007 15:52

vergesst nicht hier die neuen vans slip on schuhe von corey taylor zu zeigen ;)