OBITUARY – John Tardy meldet sich aus Rumänien


OBITUARY Frontman John Tardy hat folgende Nachricht auf der offiziellen Website der Band hinterlassen:

"After no sleep the night before and a day full of flights, it was nice to get to Romania and get some rest. Of course when we got here, we went out, met some of our fans at a meet-and-greet, threw back a few cool ones and then got to come back to the hotel to get some rest. This is our first time in Romania and from what I hear we are one of the first 'metal' bands to come here. We are looking forward to the show tonight [June 17]; it should be a good one! Thanks to all of you that showed up yesterday...we will see you tonight!!!

We really have to thank our Irish fans for coming out to that last show. It was a great show as usual and our Irish fans always make us feel so welcome every time we go there. It was a great couple of days we had in Ireland!

Tomorrow we actually drive to Bulgaria for our next show! I am not sure how far a drive it is, but it doesn't sound very fun. We are looking forward to the show and it is our first time in Bulgaria also so I am not sure what to expect, but it should be interesting!"

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