OBSCURA Drummer Hannes Grossman mit Online-Video-Lessons


OBSCURA Drummer Hannes Grossmann hat mit HannesGrossmann.com seine eigene Website an den Start gebracht auf der er Online Video Drum Lessons anbietet.

Weitere Infos findet ihr in nachfolgendem Video:

Hier das Statement von Hannes:
"I want to give some insights in my playing and show young metal and also non-metal drummers new ways to increase their drumming skills and be able to practice efficiently. The practice methods I developed over the years allow me to learn anything that I want within a short time period. When I joined NECROPHAIST in 2003 I managed to increase my single stroke hand speed from 200 bpm to 240 bpm in four months! No matter what you want to learn - may it be hand or foot technique, speed, odd time signatures, timing, warm-ups or even songs from the bands I played with - you'll get the chance to learn it on my website!"