OCEANA - wieder vereint


Keine sechs Monate nach ihrer Auflösung melden sich OCEANA mit einem neuen Line-Up zurück. Hier das Statement:

"After a few months of thought and ton of discussions, we (Denny, Jack, Brennan) have decided to bring our true love back to life. Rob and Alex have decided to take a different route on the road of life and we support them in their decisions and are still best friends with no hard feelings. With these losses, we would love to welcome our newest member of the Oceana family - our new bassist (Kolby Cridder). So for all of you who are fans new or old, thank you for your continued support during our broken up period of time. We Love you all and hope to see you soon."

Alte Kommentare

von Heinzelmann 05.11.2009 13:05

mal abwarten, ohne den leadgitarristen machen die nimmer so viel her...

von bla 05.11.2009 15:54

Warum, war der hübsch?

von Heinzelmann 06.11.2009 13:16

der konnte gitarre spielen? lead-gitarrist -kann gitarre spielen?

von nice 26.11.2009 13:22

bin gespannt