OCEANS OF SLUMBER - bei Century Media Records


OCEANS OF SLUMBER haben bei Century Media Records unterschrieben und werden ihre EP "Blue" dort am 21. August veröffentlichen. Unten gibt es bereits einen Eindruck zur Progressivemetalband aus Houston, Texas.

CM-A&R-Chef Jens Prüter zum Siging:

"Being part of the Metal scene for so many years it's hard to surprise me with anything but I couldn't believe what I heard when my colleague Daniel Dismal sent me the new OCEANS OF SLUMBER  recordings. Here's a young band, combining the best of Texas' heritage from both Metal and Alternative Progressive bands such as Watchtower, King's X, Mars Volta, Trail Of Dead and going way back to the roots of Big Mama Thornton and her disciple, Janis Joplin. These highly skilled musicians made a huge step with the addition of the young, soulful voice of Cammie Gilbert and I'm sure you will be just as surprised when you hear the upcoming album! The Blue EP is just the beginning from OCEANS OF SLUMBER on Century Media and I am sure they'll be surprising us all every step of the way."