OFF! - neue Platte im April


Am 8. April erscheint mit "Wasted Years" die neue Platte der Band um Keith Morris.
Unten gibt es bereits Trackliste und Artwork zu sehen.

"Wasted Years" Trackliste:

01. "Void You Out"
02. "Red White And Black"
03. "Legion Of Evil"
04. "No Easy Escape"
05. "Over Our Heads"
06. "Hypnotized"
07. "It Didn't Matter To Me"
08. "Exorcised"
09. "Death Trip On The Party Train"
10. "I Won't Be A Casualty"
11. "All I Can Grab"
12. "Time's Not On Your Side"
13. "Meet Your God"
14. "Mr. Useless"
15. "You Must Be Damned"
16. "Wasted Years"