ONCE NOTHING - Verlieren zwei Mitglieder


ONCE NOTHING haben den Ausstieg von Bassist Steve Lucarelli und Drummer Giuseppe Capolupo verkündet und haben diesbezüglich folgendes zu sagen:

"We are not breaking up! As many of you know, Once Nothing has been around for quite some time now. 9 years to be exact. People have come and people have gone. All have been equally important in building this monster of a music group and touring machine. We've had the honor of meeting all of you listeners and fans, and have been able to take so much from the experiences we have shared with you all. We truly love you. You mean the world to us, and without you guys none of this would be possible. Its your coming to shows, buying cds and tshirts, headbanging, being goofy as crap, and giving us your floors to sleep on, etc. that have made this something worth doing. With that being said, I would like to officially announce that after December, Giuseppe and Steve will be leaving us. There is no bad blood or calosed relationships. They both have just felt that it is their time to part ways with this band."