ONE MAN ARMY - Gitarrist steigt aus


ONE MAN ARMY geben den Ausstieg ihres Klampfers Pekka Kiviaho bekannt. Hier das Statement der Band:
"Pekka has been in this band for three years now and he has been a true friend and a reliable member of the ARMY, mark my words. This decision is something that we have suspected for a while, though, based on lack of motivation and commitment.
We had a discussion about this topic last week and just a few days ago Pekka came to realize that he couldn't commit to all the terms that is basically all about being in this band 110%. We can't have it no other way. That's why this band has come this far. Because people push it forward. So don't worry, fellow ARMY fans. We will not be weakened by this setback. I would rather say that we will be stronger. I see positive on getting new fresh blood into this circle to get the machine going on full speed again.
"The remaining four of us are extremely motivated into making a new killer album, and luckily the main songwriters are still in the band. We are currently working our asses off with writing new material and we've already got a title for the next release and the cover art is on its way. It's a Swedish guy doing the cover art this time so you can say that there's a lot of changes for this third album. Changes that mean a new fresh start for the ARMY, new grounds to break and a new positive thinking towards the future."

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