ORDER OF ENNEAD - neues Album ist fertig


ORDER OF ENNEAD, featuring Steve Asheim (Drums; DEICIDE), Scott Patrick (Bass; RESURRECTION), Kevin Quirion (Gitarre, Vocals; COUNCIL OF THE FALLEN) and John Li (Gitarre), haben die Arbeiten zu ihrem neuen Album abgeschlossen. "An Examination Of Being" wurde im Audiohammer Studio in Sanford, Florida mit Produzent Mark Lewis (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, TRIVIUM) aufgenommen. Erscheinen soll es im April 2010 via Earache Records.

Li sagt: "So what can I say about this new album? In my honest opinion, it's much heavier and darker than our self-titled debut, more cohesive, thematic, melodic, but not completely over the top. In a nutshell, the works. To me, the songs sound totally different than the demos and I was blown away after the songs began to take form. They sound BIG.

"The recording process went as smooth as ever and the results were spectacular, due in part to the genius of our producer/engineer Mark Lewis. He's got an ear like a bat and can spot an out of tune guitar a mile away; a real no-bullshit kind of guy who can really get it done in there.

"Kev's guitars sound heavy as hell, Steve's drums are tight and powerful, and I must say at the risk of tooting my own horn, I played some great stuff as well (shameless, I know)."

"An Examination Of Being" besteht aus diesen Songs:
01. This Mortal Journey
02. Conduits To Eternity
03. Scriptures Of Purification
04. Lies Upon The Lips Of Judas
05. A Portal To Rapture
06. A Betrayal Of Self
07. ...In The Mirror
08. Concepts Of Our Extinction
09. An Examination Of Being