OUTBREAK - Neues Album via Think Fast!


OUTBREAK werden ihr neues Album via Think Fast! Records veröffentlichen, Vokalist Ryan O'Connor gehört bekanntlich das Label. Hier das Statement von Gitarrist Brian Kemsley:

"I'm sure everyone already saw this coming, but we're psyched to officially announce that our new album will be released via Think Fast! Records. Trustkill Records is also stepping in for distribution duties (having just signed a new deal with Think Fast!). The beauty of this whole deal is that we're basically self-releasing our record, since Ryan runs Think Fast!. This means it's going to be a very hands-on process (something that's important to all of us) and at the same time, we get to reap the benefits of the Universal Music Group putting our record into stores (can't say I ever thought I'd be saying that in a non-joking manner)...talk about a killer situation for us to be in. Alright, enough business mumbo-jumbo that no one really cares about. Check back into our MySpace page soon for updates on the record...we'll be posting the release date, artwork, track listing, new song, new MySpace layout, crazy pre-orders packages, and lots more in the coming weeks. Expect tour announcements to start taking shape soon too. That's all for now."