Dan Yemin hat sich folgendermaßen zum neuen Album, dem Songwriting Prozess oder auch seinen Gedanken zum neuen Material geäußert:

"So I just got off the phone with the guys at Jade Tree, and it seems like we have something really exciting and interesting in the works for the next Paint It Black album. We've been having alot of conversations (both within the band, between the band and the label, and between the band and some other people as well) about how we want this next record to be, and we have a lot of really cool ideas and are well on our way to getting the songs arranged, and eventually re-arranged. Most of the songs are already written, although some of them are still in pretty raw form. I've been making demos at home, which I then email to Andy, Jared, and Josh. Then the three of them get together and have pretty much free range to mess with the arrangements. I'm happy to say that they've been speeding everything up, so that the fast songs will probably be our fastest yet. We seem to be continuing with the direction we headed with "Paradise", meaning fast and raw, but with some more mid-tempo influences ranging from Black Flag to Faith to Naked Raygun, to Sonic Youth to Embrace to Joy Division. We'll continue to combine the thrash with the melodic anthem. The really exciting news is that we're getting close to finalizing a recording schedule, and that this album will almost definitely be CO-PRODUCED!!!!! That's right folks, its looking like there will be two very talented people involved in recording this album, and these two people come from opposite ends of the underground music spectrum. I'm stoked. More later....."