PARADISE LOST - Veröffentlichen Demos


PARADISE LOST veröffentlichen am 25. Mai über Century Media ihre Demos "Paradise Lost" (1988) und "Frozen Illusion" (1989). Des Weiteren werden die Songs durch sechs Live Tracks des "Plains Of Desolation" Bootlegs, das nie offiziell veröffentlicht wurde, aufgewertet. Die Songs sind remastered und streng limitiert.

Gitarrist Greg Mackintosh sagt: "Well what can I say about the re-release of our demos? This delves right down into our murky, sludgy beginnings. They may not be the best-produced demos ever, but they really sum up the raw honesty of a very exciting time in the U.K. and European underground heavy music scene. We always preferred our demos to our first album as we felt that the demos more succinctly captured the 'wallowing in a quagmire' sound. Hopefully these recordings will be taken for what they are ...the prime evil foundations of what was later to become gothic metal!"

"Drown In Darkness - The Early Demos" besteht aus:

01. Drown In Darkness (4:38)
02. Internal Torment (5:05)
03. Morbid Existence (2:38)
04. Paradise Lost (5:24)
05. Internal Torment (5:40)
06. Frozen Illusion (5:16)
07. Internal Torment (live) (4:40)
08. Our Saviour (live) (5:56)
09. Plains Of Desolation (live) (4:10)
10. Drown In Darkness (live) (4:37)
11. Paradise Lost (live) (5:34)
12. Nuclear Abomination (live) (3:48)

Tracks 1-3 taken from the "Paradise Lost" demo (1988)
Tracks 4- 6 taken from the "Frozen Illusion" demo (1989)
Tracks 7- 12 taken from the "Plains Of Desolation" bootleg (1989)