PENNYWISE - Jim Lindberg veröffentlich Buch \"Punk Rock Dad\"



Jim Lindberg von PENNYWISE wird demnächst sein Buch über seine Rolle als Vater veröffentlichen. Das Buch wurde ursprünglich im Dezember 2005 angekündigt und thematisiert den sänger, wie er seine drei öchter aufzieht:

"While other dads dye their hair to cover the gray, Jim occasionally dyes his blue or green. He makes his daughters' lunches, kisses their boo-boos, and tucks them in at night--and then goes into the garage and plays Black Flag and Minor Threat songs at criminal volume. He pays his taxes, votes in all the presidential and gubernatorial elections, serves on jury duty, and reserves the right to believe that there is a vast Right Wing Conspiracy--and that the head of the P.T.A is possibly in on it.

Through his book published by Harper Collins, Jim details his hilarious experiences as a punk rocker and a respected father of three little girls with stories that will literally have you laughing out loud. Nothing is sacred in "Punk Rock Dad" as Jim lays out everything from tour, partying and crazed fans to the skills it takes to change a diaper and of course his unique take on childhood stories like Cinderella with great quotes such as "well, she was on crack" referring to his answer for why Cinderella couldn't buy a dress for the ball."

Das Buch soll am 1. Mai via HarperCollins veröffentlicht werden.