PENNYWISE - Zoli Teglas im Interview


Zoli Teglas hat sich in einem Interview dazu geäußert wie er zu seiner Position bei PENNYWISE kam:

"I was at my house in Budapest, Hungary and I was trying to call a friend of mine in Australia, and I accidentally called Fletcher. So I talked to him and he told me that they were having some problems and Jim was quitting the band. He told me that they were going to be looking for singers and I should come back to America. A couple months later I’m on stage with them."

Weiterhin erwähnt Teglas, dass man bereits an einem neuen Album arbeitet.

Zu IGNITE hat er folgendes zu sagen:

"We’re still going to do another album, but my focus right now is doing Pennywise. I don’t want to let Ignite fans down either and a new record is due. When you are on the road you have 23 hours of doing nothing so it’s a good time to write and focus on music. I’m going to be writing a lot."