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Die Band aus Buffalo, New York wird ihr neues Album am 13. November via Paper & Plastick (Digital, Vinyl) bzw. Black Numbers (Tape, CD) veröffentlichen.
Einen ersten Eindruck zum Nachfolger der "Wrecked" EP gibt es anbei bereits mit dem Video zu "Circles".

Die Band zum bevorstehenden Release:

"P+P/Black Numbers was the right decision for us because we felt that the team working on releasing the album had the passion, time, and resources that we were looking for to get this record out to the most people possible. Everyone involved really believes in this project and wants to work just as hard as we do at growing the band.

We've encountered our fair share of hurdles. The past year has been a whirlwind of traveling halfway across the world, playing basements and bars, and making lasting friendships. Countless nights of restless sleeping and driving until your eyes feel they're going to give up and suck back into your head. But it has all culminated into something I wasn't sure was ever going to see the light of day."

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cool, astreine band!