PESTILENCE - Wieder aktiv


Die holländischen Prog Deather PESTILENCE arbeiten an einen neuen Album. Folgendes kann man der Fan-Homepange der Band, die wegweisende Death Metal Alben mit "Consuming Impulse" (1989), "Testimony Of The Ancients" (1991) und "Spheres" (1993) veröffentlichte, entnehmen:

PESTILENCE IS BACK!!! There is new line up: founder Patrick Mameli (vocals, guitar), well known Tony Choy (bass) and drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Non-Human Level and others). Patrick is working on new great songs which style he describes as modern fusion of "Testimony..." and "Spheres", but even more technical (!!!) and more brutal. New album will be recorded by Jacob Hansen and produced by Patrick himself. As you see we all have a reason to live!