PIG DESTROYER beginnen mit Aufnahmen


PIG DESTROYER haben sich ins Studio begeben um mit den Arbeiten an einem neuen Album zu beginnen. Das Album wird den Titel „Phantom Limb” tragen.

Sänger JR Hayes hierzu:

“We're recording to 2-inch analog tape, which is really exciting. The drums sound huge, and the guitar tones are really nasty and aggressive. Brian's been on top of his game all year, busting out easily the fastest blast beats I've ever seen him play. As usual, Scott's written a whole arsenal of scalding riffs, but I feel like he really outdid himself with the arrangements on this record. The songs feel great and we've been having a load of fun playing them for the last five months. It's the 14 most deranged metal songs we could make up, so get ready to sink your f*cking teeth in.”