PROTEST THE HERO - Neues Album erst 2008


PROTEST THE HERO, die mit ihrem Debüt "Kezia" ordentlich Staub im ansonsten eher ideenarmen Metalcore-Genre aufwirbelten, haben angekündigt, dass ihr neues Album erst im Jahre 2008 das Licht der Welt erblicken wird. Hier die Ausrede der Band:

"Last week we boarded a plane to Heathrow to take a short vacation before the album dropped. However, Amazon warriors with a certain bloodlust commandeered the plane. They bound and gagged everyone and moved us to the cargo deck of the plane. It was but for the grace of God that Tim remembered some knowledge the Hardy boys dropped on him, and he managed to squirm free from his ropes. He then released the rest of us and we fashioned weapons from strange knick-knacks we found in the cargo bay. It was kind of like that scene in From Dusk Till Dawn except they were Amazon warriors not vampires.

There was no way for us to anticipate the tactical skills of the warriors. The initial attack lasted three hours in which our lighting guy Cam was fatally wounded, but, after the grueling three-hour battle, we reigned victorious at which point I took the reins and landed the plane in a big field of marshmallows. It was funny and delicious. Needless to say we're all mourning the loss of Cam... and everyone knows you can't release an album without a lighting guy, so we're all very sorry but the album will be delayed until we can find another lighting guy."