PROTEST THE HERO - Neues Album in Arbeit


PROTEST THE HERO haben verlauten lassen, dass sie am 13.11.2007 ihr nächstes Album releasen werden. Das Album wird den Titel "Fortress" tragen und erneut via Vagrant Records erscheinen. Als Porduzent zeichnete sich Julius "Juice" Butty aus und aufgenommen wurde "Fortress" in den Silo Studios in Hamilton, Ontario. Sänger Rody Walker hat folgendes zu dem neuesten Output zu verlauten:

"This album is nothing to be intellectualized. All talk of wonder, pathos and optimism (blindfolded) aside (hink). I feel it's a very natural progression for us. A natural progression into further obscurity. I am of the belief a lot of the people who work for us were hoping for a stab at a more commercially viable album, however we wrote what we wanted without linear boundaries and created something less commercial than ever. Some fans of the band will hate it. And some people who hate the band will love it. All others can rot."