Pain - Zusammengeschlagen in Leipzig


Die Schweden Pain um Fronter Peter Tägtgren wurden am Freitag an ihrem Day Off in Leipzig (Tour Support von Nightwish) nach einem Baraufenthalt übel zugerichtet.

David Wallin(drums)berichtet:
"We arrived here [in Leipzig] yesterday and three of us spent the evening of our day off at some local bars. When we had enough we walked out on the street to find a taxi back to the bus and three assholes decided to kick us down and hit me in the head with a wine bottle. Some guy who recognized us helped us in his car to a nearby hospital. Peter's got a really black eye and was given 10 stitches on his cheek. I have a concussion, eight stitches on the side of my head and glass in my hands. Johan has a broken nose and bruses all over. We're really sorry for canceling tonight's show but it just wasn't possible. We're gonna do our best to get back in the saddle again and continue the tour without further interruption. Everything tastes better with blood in your mouth."