Personelle Umbesetzung bei COHEED AND CAMBRIA


Bassist Michael Todd und Schlagzeuger Josh Eppard waren bereits bei der letzten Tour von COHEED AND CAMBRIA nicht dabei, nun sind sie offizielle raus und bereits ersetzt.

Sanchez äußerte in einem Interview kreative Differenzen und die Abneigung von Todds und Eppards gegenüber dem Touralltag als Gründe für diese Entscheidung. Letztendlich sollen die beiden die Band jedoch freiwillig verlassen haben.

Anfang 207 wollen Sanchez und Gitarrist Travis Stever bereits in Studio um an ein nächstes Album einzuspielen. Matt Williams am Bass und Drummer Chris Pennie von The Dillinger Escape Plan werden ebenfalls dabei sein. Ob diese Formation endgültig ist, steht nicht fest.

Hier findet ihr einen Teil des Statements:
"For me, it's kind of hard to say exactly why [they're out of the band]. There were moments where it felt like it could've been creative differences and, maybe just a dislike of touring [on their part]. I think that's really what's brought us to this moment. It started off this summer with Josh giving us a call and saying, 'I can't do this tour.' And, ya know, we couldn't really call it a tour if we didn't get that call. He would always say he couldn't do it. But we would talk about it and he'd be cool with it. But this time around, it didn't work out and he refused to come to Europe. We had MP [ex-Samiam] fill in because it seemed like the logical choice. As we started doing Europe, Mic said that he wanted to endure. But around the time that we hit Barcelona, he decided he could no longer do it as well. So, really, they left on their own and I honestly haven't spoken to them since that day in June. Actually, when we were done with Europe, we got them on the phone and talked and tried to figure something out, but they wanted to go in a different direction. [Guitarist] Travis [Stever] and I have been doing our thing and they haven't reached out to us."

Den Rest findet ihr hier.