Pias nehmen PLACEBO unter Vertrag


[PIAS] Entertainment Group haben sich mit PLACEBO bezüglich des Europareleases ihres neuen Albums geeinigt.

PLACEBOs sechstes Studioalbum markiert den ersten Output mit Drummer Steve Forrest. Das bis dato noch unbetitelte Album wird von David Bottrill produziert und von Alan Moulder abgemischt, ein Releasetermin ist für Juni geplant.

PLACEBO Frontmann Brian Molko hierzu: “We are delighted to be signing with [PIAS], one of the world’s most respected and successful independent music companies. We were very lucky to have so many great labels interested in signing us, it means a lot, especially after 12 years of releasing records!! But we now feel we have the right partner for Europe in these ever-changing times to continue this crazy adventure and to scale even dizzier heights with our new record".

Kenny Gates (PIAS) kommentiert: “I’m proud and delighted that Placebo have chosen [PIAS] as partner for the next stage of their extraordinary career. It looks like the band have delivered their best album ever, and one which we believe may prove to be the most important in their career and indeed the history of [PIAS].

I believe that Placebo’s choice is based on a clear like-minded empathy and shared vision and ethos about the music business. This proves again the value of [PIAS] offering a broad range of services tailored to the specific needs of artists and labels rather than signing a traditional artist contract.”