RAUNCHY Sänger Kasper Thomsen hat sich folgendermaßen zu Wort gemeldet:

"Since we´ve been getting loads of mails lately regarding the next album, on how it is progressing, who´s gonna produce or mix it etc. we think it´s time for us to give you an update.

First of all, everything is going smoothly. We have basic ideas for 11 songs, and we have started to record them as demo versions in our home studio in Copenhagen. There´s still a long way to go, but the new stuff sounds absolutely promising. It´s dirty, melodic, thrashy, epic, melancholic and... drum roll... heavy. We are experimenting a lot this time around, with vocals, arrangements and musical expression, but we´re not gonna change radically — don´t worry! But as a wise man once said: there´s no point in writing the same record twice, right?

As for producers and mixers, we are talking to six or seven right now — some are hot shots and some are not so well-known yet. We can´t give you any names (surprise!), because nothing is confirmed or scheduled as we speak, but we´re putting a great deal of effort into this to make sure that our forthcoming monster is in safe hands! Well, who do you think should produce/mix the album? Could be cool to hear...

As for song titles (no album title yet) we´re working with these right now (but they are of course subject to change): ´Straight to Hell´, ´Recovery´, ´Heavy Burden´, ´To the Lighthouse´, ´Destroyer´, ´Somewhere Along the Road´, ´Thieves´, ´Western Gutter´, ´A Dead Epic´, ´Black House, Glass City´, ´To Shatter Bliss´, ´Get Fighted´ among others...

Well, that´s it for now. Spread the word and start the hype!"