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Das RAVAGE Debütalbum ‘The End of Tomorrow’, erscheint im Sommer 2009 und präsentiert ein Frontcover gezeichnet von Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Austrian Death Machine).

"Everyone in the band is thrilled to have the opportunity to have our music released by a record company that is not only one of the greatest heavy metal record labels ever, but also a label that is currently home to many of our favorite bands (such as LIZZY BORDEN, CANNIBAL CORPSE, KING DIAMOND, AMON AMARTH etc). Metal Blade has released some of the classic metal albums of all time and Ravage welcomes the opportunity to make our own mark on the scene. Only Brian and Metal Blade had the guts to put this deal together with a band that has never bowed to trends or used gimmickry to fit in, a band that has always forged ahead toward fresh musical ground in the face of those who wanted us to become some sort of goofy retro-act or clone of whatever was hip. So on behalf of the band, I'd like to thank all the fans in the local scene, national scene and abroad who have stuck by us thus far, the promoters who've dared book us, the small labels who dared release our early work, those in the press who dared stand up to the feeble-minded trendmakers, the [few] DJ’s who've played us, and all the great bands we've played with. This is just another step on a long road as we continue our mission to put out some quality, no-bullshit, heavy metal music that real metalheads can be proud of. Keep headbangin' with us and RAVAGE IN PEACE!!!
" kommentiert Sänger Al Ravage.

“RAVAGE brings a fresh element to pure metal conveying a young and modern vibe to old school thrash/power metal. It’s this type of musical resurrection that will break new ground for metal and we couldn’t be more excited to unleash them to the masses!”
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RAVAGE sind:
Al Ravage – Vocals
Eli Joe - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Nick Izzo - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Howie 'The Mosh Pig' Snow – Bass
GTB - Drums