REEL BIG FISH – Making of a Song Blog


Zum anstehenden Split Release zwischen REEL BIF FISH und ZOLOF THE ROCK & ROLL DESTROYER hat RBF Frontmann Aaron Barrett einen Blog gestartet in dem er sich regelmäßig zu der Entstehung der einzelnen Songs äußert.

Angefangen hat er mit “Ask”:

“Duet All Night Long Journal .1 : Aaron Barrett on "Ask"
Hey all,

So this is the first installment of the Duet All Night Long Journal. Each week Aaron Barrett will post a new entry about the making of a song on the Duet All Night Long CD. Here's Aaron's first entry:

Ok so here goes, RBF journal entry number one! woo hoo!. So we wanted to do a split with zolof after our tour together a couple summers ago but we couldn't figure out what the theme should be. i think i got the idea for a duets album from rachel singing "She has a girlfriend now" with us a few times and from listening to may favorite zolof song "this was all a bad idea".

the first song i decided to do for RBF was "Ask" by the smiths, Rachel and i had talked a lot
about our weird shyness issues on the tour (yea i know, we're both lead singers in bands, we cover it well!) and i thought that song would be perfect for us to sing together. also i'm a huge Smiths/Morrissey fan so any excuse to do a cover of either ya know, i'll take it! haha

Anyway, i think it came out pretty well, we recorded the whole song here in OC without Rachel's vocals and sent them the "pro-tools" files, then they recorded Her Vox and sent it back all ready for us to mix! we also had to send the files to scott because he lives in NYC now and we're too cheap to buy him a plane ticket just to come in and sing amazing harmonies! Haha”