REFUSED - Pläne der Mitglieder für 2013


In einem Statement gab Dennis Lxyzén die Pläne der REFUSED-Mitglieder für das nächste Jahr bekannt - nachdem die Reunionshows nach November 2012 ein Ende finden sollten:

"I am recording a new record with my band Invasionen. In January. Invasionen is a post-punk sort of project [and our] record is being done in Swedish and English. It should be out by the summer. I am also doing [my] hardcore band, AC4. We will have a record out in March called Burn the World on my label Ny Våg Records.

David [Sandström] is working on some musical projects as well. Last year he released a record as Heavy Feather and he is working on some stuff with Magnus [Flagge] and Kristofer [Steen]. Kristofer is directing his first opera in February. Jon [Brännström] is finishing up his last term of medical school."